Abba, the most famous band to ever break out of the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘Ring Ring’ had reached number 3 as Sweden’s entry in 1973. In 1974, they went one better when ‘Waterloo’ became the first Swedish song to win the competition. A massive number of european hit singles followed, but 1974 was still early days for Abba as an albums making concern. 38 years later we had chance to reveal these moments at packed McPherson Theatre Victoria. Victoria Norback (Anni-Frid Lyngstad) and Jenny Gustafsson (Agnetha Fältskog) were to sing the bulk of the groups leads, a duel lead harmony effect, radiant pop!. As far as the concert is concerned musically, keyboard led seventies pop is the order of the day, and Leif Ottebrand is master on keyboards. ABBA had so many styles as well. A couple of tunes seem rather folky, a couple of tunes border on rock music. Only missed song was most remarkably of all, song ‘Sitting In The Palmtree’ dipping its toes into reggae waters. The girls are relegated to mere backing vocals for this very cheesy, albeit quite charming, innoffesive slice of euro-pop.

Equally however, no matter how slight it may appear to be on the surface, MUSIC OF ABBA should come to BC every year…at least.

photo: Spiridon Mekas