Love Is All You Need movie at Vancouver International Film Festival is a delicious romantic comedy set over a wedding weekend in Sorrento where a host of characters fall in and out of love, the romantic pairing up of macho Pierce Brosnan and pure beaty Trine Dyrholm. One of the best movies of the year if you prefer story line over movie effects. 

Congrats to director Susanne Bier and here is her comment about the movie: “I wanted to make a film about vulnerable people; about the things in life we‟d rather suppress but, if depicted with humor, might lift our spirits. In Ida and Philip we found main characters whose vulnerability carried both the weight of the subject matter and the lightness of a humorous touch. We transported them to the most romantic place imaginable, alongside a host of comedic characters. We used humor and romance as means, not of softening their hardship, but of demarcating it more clearly, to allow the contrasting universes to emphasize each other. That way we could portray each of our characters, in all their fortune and misfortune, with the precision and tenderness they deserve.”