Wedsnday, May 8 2013     Red Robinson Show Theatre, Coquitlam, Vancouver

What a voice! I don’t understand a word (okay, maybe five or six words) of Italian, but I know this man is passionate and intense. Toto can take a song and make it completely his own, even to the point of making the listener believe no one else in the world could do the song justice. Whether it is the innocent sounds of “Un’estate con Te” or the tormented voice behind “Sara,” Toto’s voice draws the listener in and makes him feel the passions behind the chords. Even if you don’t speak English, the meaning of these heart-felt love songs is not lost. 

Out of this world !!!! His concert was sensational !!! Everyone would definitely see him again. He has a knack of drawing his audience into his world. Top notch artist…..